Many people have contributed to POGL over the years; here are just a few:

Original Authors

Stan Melax created the original Perl OpenGL module for use with SGI systems in 1995.

Ilya Zakharevich and Kenneth Albanowski continued to maintain this module from 1998-2002, releasing 0.50 - 0.54, adding support for the glp APIs, and support for OS2, Solaris and other Unix platforms.

Ilya provided considerable advice and support for the 0.55 release, and updated support for Solaris/Sunray.

Current Owner

Bob Free is CPAN's current OpenGL maintainer, releasing 0.55 in 2007 - adding support for a number of GPGPU features.

Major Contributors

Cass Everitt from nVidia has long provided OpenGL support for this module, and for OpenGL/nVidia users on numerous forums and mailing lists. The POGL team thanks him personally for his enormous support in testing 0.55 PPMs on ActivePerl 5.6 using many nVidia cards, and for us to add VBO and MultiTexture support.

Significant Contributors

Geoff Broadwell:

  • Provided his Trislam Benchmark for comparing POGL with SDL::OpenGL and PyOpenGL
  • Provided a number of patches for bug fixes and enhancements in POGL's OpenGL and OpenGL-Image modules.
  • Submitted a demo app for OpenGL::Shader

Porting Support

Jean-Louis Morel - provided the original port to Windows.
Sherm Pendley - provided patches to support MacOS on 0.55
Daiki Nomura - provided patches and notes to support FreeBSD on 0.55
Chris Marshall - provided patches for building POGL under Cygwin.
Jan Dvorak - porting Trislam to benchmark POGL against Ruby.

Additional Patch Contributors

Alex Dodge - provided patches for glutKeyboardUpFunc

Invaluable Testing Support

John Gabriele - testing and thorough reporting on Debian/Etch w/ Mesa.
Krystian Samp - testing with an ATI FireGL card, and doing additional VBO tests.
Peter Lewis - testing Full Screen mode on MacOSX, using an nVidia 5200.
David Romano - testing OpenGL::Image on Mac ppc.
Fredrick Wagner - spotting/reporting GLU bugs.

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If you would like to contribute to POGL (coding or testing), contact the POGL team.