POGL Provides Utilities and APIs for OpenGL, GLU, GLUT

  • Utilities
      POGL Utilities include apps and scripts to configure and validate your installation.

  • POGL Arrays
      POGL provides a Perl OpenGL::Array object which simplifies array handling, and conversion between C array pointers and native Perl arrays.

  • POGL Imaging
      POGL's OpenGL::Image module provides an optimized interface to imaging libraries, simplifying loading/modifying/saving images.

  • POGL Shaders
      POGL's OpenGL::Shader module provides an abstracted interface for simplifying the loading and use of ARB (assembly), Cg and GLSL shading languages.

      POGL APIs provide installation information and other useful features.

      GLUT is portable Windowing API for OpenGL contexts.

  • OpenGL APIs
      Documents POGL's OpenGL APIs.

  • GLU APIs
      GLU provides OpenGL utlities to simplify common operations.