Sample OpenGL Apps Using POGL

FBO Test - Bob Free

This test app is used by the POGL build process to validate a successful POGL build.

It provides an example of a number of POGL features:

  • Listing installed/implemented OpenGL extensions
  • Testing for supported extensions
  • GLUT rendering, menus and keyboard handling
  • Object transformations
  • Orthogonal text rendering
  • OpenGL::Array objects
  • OpenGL::Image objects
  • Surface color and texture mapping
  • Mipmap textures
  • Frame Buffer Object (FBO) extension
  • Vertex Buffer Object (VBO) extension
  • GPU/Memory-mapped operations
  • Vertex and Fragment Programs
  • ImageMagick interoperability
  • Loading/saving textures

Blacklight Shader - Bob Free

This app was used to benchmark Perl vs C OpenGL perfromance.

It demonstrates rendering to an FBO buffer in GPU memory, then using this as a texture to render other surfaces.

It also provides a simple (and somewhat interesting) Black Light shader.