POGL is the high performance, portable, opensource Perl OpenGL standard

The POGL Team has collaborated with the ImageMagick Team to add new APIs to IM v6.3.5 that provide tight integration between POGL and PerlMagick - allowing image buffers to be shared between ImageMagick and GPUs.

In parallel, the POGL team has released a new OpenGL::Image module that provides optimized image load/modify/save APIs for FBO and VBO operations.

On a separate front, the POGL team has released POGL 0.56 and OpenGL::Shader to provide abstracted support for ARB (assembly), Cg and GLSL shading languages.


  • Benchmarks
  • Comparable to C
  • Faster than Python
  • GPU shares image buffers w/ ImageMagick



  • Tight integration with PerlMagick for loading/modifying/saving images
  • Interoperable with FFmpeg for video input
  • Abstracts ARB, Cg and GLSL shading languages


  • Windows - NT, XP, Vista
  • MacOSX - Tiger/Leopard
  • Linux - Fedora, Debian/Ubuntu, Gentoo
  • FreeBSD
  • Solaris


Display Systems

  • nVidia (Quadro-110M,5200,6600,6800,7300,7800,7950,8600,8800)
  • ATI (Radeon X1900/9000/9200, FireGL)
  • Cygwin/X (Mesa)


  • Shader Prototyping
  • Video Effects Processing
  • Online Services
  • Medical Imaging, Astro/Particle Physics, Math Research

Contact the POGL team for support on other platforms and display systems.